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9029100 - IMPELLER, 1.5HP #91693601 AQUA FLO
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1106904-S - CONTROL PANEL ASSEM., W/LIGHT 1107905-Control Box Assy W/Light No/Ozone
1107910-S Control Box Assy W/Light 2003 1107930-1 Control Box Assy N/Light N/Ozone
1124800-1 Temperature Sensor Cable 1125200 - MOTOR CABLE ASSEM., PUMP TO CTRL BOX AQUA FLO
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2110400 Clear Hose Connector 2.25"
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303 Aerospace Protectant #30308
7 - Top
7920 Cover Stand
9 - Top
9007815 Suction Cover Retro Fit Assembly
9012100 Heat Exchanger Hose 9037620-S - CONTROL PC BOARD RHS, DOMESTIC
9039510-1 - CLAMP, HOSE HEAT EXCHANGER 91231402 Volute Front
92770603 Valute Rear Housing
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Beach Ball Scum Sponge
Booster Seat
C - Top
Classic Spa Thermometer
Clownfish Thermometer Cover RX - Lid lift
D - Top
Dirty Duck Scum Sponge Dolphin Spa Thermometer
Duck Themometer
F - Top
Faucet Adapter
Frog Spa Thermometer
G - Top
Great Barrier Filter - Snap On year 1998-2008
Great Barrier Filter - Snap On year 2009-Current Great Filter Protector
Great Start Pre-Filter Grit Gitter
H - Top
Hand Skimmer
I - Top
inSPAration Aroma Mist Diffuser
inSPAration Aromafier inSPAration Crystals
inSPAration HTX 6-pk 4oz Assortment inSPAration Hydro Therapies - Sports RX
InSPAration Spa & Bath Elixirs InSPAration Spa & Bath Elixirs Gift Pack
Insta-Test Test Strips
M - Top
Measuring Cup
P - Top
Paradise Spa Vac Pulse-Stream Spinning Jet
R - Top
Replacement Locking Lid Safety Straps Resistance Gloves - Hydrotherapy
S - Top
Scum Bug 1 pk Scum Bug 2 pk
ScumBall 2/pk Shark Spa Thermometer
Softcare Calcium Up Softcare Chlor 2 lb
Softcare Chlor 5lb Softcare Defoam
Softcare Filter Renu Softcare Gon
Softcare pH Down Softcare pH Up
Softcare Water Clear Softub Cleaner
Softub Conditioner Softub Durasock-New Style
Softub Durasock-Old Style Softub Spa Side Table
Softub Surround Softub TubGuard
Softub TubGuard Cable Lock Softub Unifilter Screw-On
Softub Unifilter Snap-On - 5010 Softub Unifilter Snap-On 5015, years 1998-2008
Softub Unifilter Snap-On 5020, years 2009-present Spa Frog - Softub Version
Spa Perfect Submersible Pump
Swirl Away
T - Top
T140 Burgandy (Port) Lid
Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit The Complete Softub Basic Care Kit
The Complete Softub Deluxe Care Kit Thermal Blanket 7' x 7'
Tru-Test Chlorine Test Strips (for digital reader) Tru-Test Chlorine Test System
Tub Scrubber
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W - Top
Water Wand Waterproof Playing Cards
Wet Bells - Hydrotherapy Wonder Flower Scum Sponge
X - Top
X-Stream Spinning Jet

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Softub Chemicals carries all your spa supply needs. We offer a wide line of water treatment chemicals just for your Soft Tub. Because Softubs are vinyl, they require a special spa chemical to keep them in good operating condition. Our Scum Bug spa product is the perfect softcare spa accessory for eliminating the formation of a scumline. We have many filter accessories for your spa filter, such as our Softub Durasock replacement filter cover for your soft spa. Don't forget to get your perfect spa gift for your friends and family.

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